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Garrett has over a decade of expertise in freight tech, serving in various roles including software engineer, architect, team lead, and manager. As an early employee at Integrity Express Logistics (IEL), he co-founded the engineering department and spearheaded the development of IEL's proprietary TMS, instrumental in propelling the company to a $1 billion revenue milestone in 2021. Recently, he held the position of Senior Engineering Manager at Transfix, leading the creation of a payments engineering team and managing both the data integrations (EDI) team and shipper operations team.

Nick is an experienced leader who excelled as CTO and IT Director at Integrity Express Logistics (IEL), where he helped develop IEL's proprietary TMS, grew a skilled and diverse team, and implemented a strategic IT plan that boosted growth and operational efficiency. He optimized development and project delivery, streamlined vendor management, and created the Information Security department. His leadership also led to the formation of a R&D team that innovated with machine learning for claim prediction. He most recently led App Dev pre-sales engagements at CBTS.

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